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Honeycomb/Cellular Shades

A well-planned window creates a stunning style statement and ranks high on functionality as well. If you are looking for a window treatment that will lend a classic look to your interiors, our Honeycomb/Cellular Shades will fulfill your aesthetic requirements. Comes in both light filtering and Day & Night (room darkening) options. Visit us to select the perfect shades for your interiors.

Why Choose Honeycomb/Cellular Shades?

Honeycomb/Cellular Shades are ideal for controlling the sunlight exposure in a room. Moreover, you can also achieve your privacy by simply adjusting the blinds. Apart from this, they also have several benefits such as:

Low Maintenance

With little to no maintenance, Honeycomb/Cellular Shades are an ideal choice to fit any interior.  


Our Day & Night feature provides you with light filtering and room darkening options to suit your desired needs. 


The stylish and unique design of the shade is guaranteed to soften any room with a touch of elegance. 

At C&B Window Coverings, we understand that the size and shape of windows vary. Hence, our window treatments are customizable to precisely fit your space. Contact us to learn more.

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Stunning Honeycomb/Cellular Shades

Create a grand statement in any room with our high-quality shades.

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