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Affordable Vertical Blinds in the GTA

Vertical blinds are usually used for enhancing the room’s décor and for providing protection from the glare of the sun. At our window treatment company, you can choose from our vast selection of high-grade PVC's to block out the sun or select sheer coverage to let in more light. Contact us, and we will help you decide on suitable vertical blinds options in the GTA for your property.

Why Choose Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are commonly used for securing privacy in high traffic areas. They are ideal for sliding glass doors or large windows and have a surprising amount of advantages when installed. A few of them are:

Eliminates Glare

Vertical blinds are ideal for eliminating glare and, in turn, help in protecting your eyes. It creates a perfect play of light within the room for a warm and comfortable ambience.

Reduces Conditioning and Heating Costs

By significantly reducing the rays of the run that enter into rooms, vertical blinds bring down the heat index as well. This will help you save on electric and air conditioning costs, during summer. In winters, vertical blinds, allows less heat to escape. This is reflected in lower heat bills.

Protects Your Furniture

Why risk damaging your expensive furniture? Sun exposure can even warp or destroy various kinds of furniture and even wallpapers. Quality blinds can protect your investment while enhancing the appearance of your living space.

With an assortment of textures to choose from, our products add character and dimension to any room. Visit C&B Window Coverings and we will help you decide on suitable options.

Protect Your Eyes and save on Money

Stop by our office for quality vertical blinds that block the sun and street lights from disturbing you.

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